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Reassessing the EU-Asia Pacific Relationship in the context of the EU crisis

17 + 18 May 2013 Macau


The Euro-zone crisis is a perfect example of how, in an interconnected world, events within one region have effects that are felt throughout the world. Asia Pacific counties are significant exporters and importers to the Eurozone and EU. The stability of the Euro, depressed demand for manufactured goods and credit ratings have direct consequences in Asia Pacific counties.

Is there more continuity or change in the EU-Asia Pacific relationship? How do different groups perceive the EU and any changes in its relationship to the region? The aim of this conference is to investigate these questions from both a European and an Asia Pacific perspective.

This conference will be multidisciplinary in focus. Academics and graduate students from a wide range of fields are encouraged to present at this conference adding to a deeper understanding of the complexities of the EU-Asia Pacific relationship.

Particular attention will be paid to the following four areas:

  • Assessing the Fallout– What was the relationship between these two regions, and how has the recent crisis impacted on this? What has changed and what has stayed the same?


  • A Crisis of Perception?  - How do both regions see each other? How have they interpreted crisis in both regions (for example has the Fukushima Meltdown impacted perceptions in Europe of Asia)? Do perceptions change amongst different groups? Do intra-regional crises in Asia impact on its relationship with the EU? What lessons for the relationship can be drawn by looking at historical moments of crisis?


  • Models of Integration– How do recent developments in the EU impact on the EU as a model for integration in the Asia Pacific region? What if any, lessons on integration can Europe learn from the Asia Pacific.


  • The Way Forward– what are the new challenges and opportunities to arise from the Crisis? How should the EU-Asia Pacific relationship be managed in the future?


We seek applications from a wide variety of fields of study to discuss these interdisciplinary topics. Presentations will be 15 minutes in length followed by 5 minutes Q&A.


Deadline for online-paper submissions: 25 February 2013

Successful applicants will be informed mid/end March 2013

Acceptance of invitation to present: 10 working days after notification of acceptance. 



 This conference is kindly supported by a Jean Monnet Grant from the Education and Culture Directorate General of the European Commission. 



Online submission of Abstracts

Please view the application form and collect all your necessary information before filling out and submitting the online form as you are not able to save partially completed forms.

If you are having trouble with submitting this form please resubmit it without any accents, bullet points or symbols.

If this doesn’t work please email your abstract and contact details to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it